7 songs about dogs

Dogs are our best friends, everyone knows it, but how often do you hear songs about our best friends? Turns out, maybe more often than we notice. Obviously, some “dog” songs aren’t really about dogs. Black dog by Led Zeppelin is about dogs about as much as War Pigs by Black Sabbath is about pork chops. So, I took a listen and tried to find some of the better songs about our canine companions.


7 great songs about dogs in no particular order (plus a couple bonuses)..

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Say Hello to Heaven

The music world lost an incredible talent last night. Chris Cornell passed away in Detroit after a show. Known for his amazing voice, Cornell fronted grunge pioneers, Soundgarden and was a key part of the legendary super group, Temple of the Dog, although at the time, he helped put it together, it was a bunch of Seattle musicians without musical homes. He later went on to Audioslave, and even recorded a theme song, “You Know My Name,” for Casino Royale.

What many people don’t know is that he was a big dog lover as well. He has been seen with his white german shepherd, rottweilers, his pug, Ella, even got a shot in the LA Times..

RIP, Chris Cornell (1964-2017)


Wordless Wednesday 5/10/17

It has been 7 months since Shaggy joined out home. We haven’t discussed him much, but it has been an amazing road to recovery from the underweight, limping dog with ear infection and skin issues so bad he had lost most of his hair to the handsome and hefty fella he has become today. This is thanks to proper diet, medicated baths, ear medications, and many laser therapy treatments. Enjoy this look back at this good boy’s journey.

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